Skies of Arcadia: Boss — Veltarn

Boss at the end of Glacia / the Ruins of Ice, the city under the Purple Moon. Veltarn is the first enemy that is capable of inflicting Instant Death by means other than Eterni magic, namely with its Death Laser. As such, a Silvite Ring equipped on a Riselem-knowing character is highly recommended. Silvite Rings are dropped occasionally in Nasr Kingdom airspace and over Valua, by the Azbeth & Jynnus bird enemies. Also available at this point in the game is the Constitution Gem, but this is an extremely rare drop inside the Dark Rift, and negates all adverse Status Effects including Instant Death. After Instant Death negating Accessories, the Thermo Ring and Eye of Truth Accessories are recommended. The Thermo Ring will cut all damage done by this boss in half; the latter Eye of Truth will negate Confuse, which Veltarn can inflict upon a…

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